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Seismic Mechatronics is supported by more than 40 R&D engineers from Magnetic Innovations and MI-Partners. Two best-in-class companies that research and develop high-end mechatronic and electromechanical products and systems.

Both companies have an extensive portfolio in many industries like medical, printing, magnetic systems, actuators and most of all semiconductor manufacturing. In the semicon industry the world’s fastest and most accurate positioning systems manufacture the IC’s for the latest Apple and Samsung devices. These systems run with incredible accelerations and sub-nanometer accuracy, requiring world-class knowledge of e.g. vibrations, actuator design, control. Seismic Mechatronics now makes this knowledge available to you in the oil and gas industry.

Magnetic Innovations is considered a center of excellence for electromechanical technology. They are a global supplier for the semiconductor, aerospace, Industrial, automotive and Consumer markets. Projects are  tailored to- and optimized for the customer application.

MI-Partners is active in research and development of high-end mechatronic products and systems. They are specialised in concept generation and validation for ultra-fast (>10g), extremely accurate (sub-nanometers) or complex positioning systems like stages, manipulators, robots and handlers.