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Smart Exploration

The European Commission granted to a consortium of partners a H2020 fund. The project called, Smart Exploration consists of 27 partners ranging from academia/research institutes, geological surveys, SME's, System suppliers and other agencies in EU countries. The project focuses on the exploration of mineral resources by utilizing new exploration technologies’ (Smart Exploration). Seismic Mechatronics will focus…
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Total Metis

Seismic Mechatronics developed mobile and portable electric seismic sources (e-vibs) that will be tested within the framework of the Total Metis project in Papua New Guinea.    The Total Metis Project The Total Metis project is focused on breakthrough technologies that improve the quality of subsurface imaging and enable geophysical imaging in inaccessible terrains. The Oil and…
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The Boring Company

Recently, Seismic Mechatronics posted a message and a paper about using our electromechanical seismic sources to look ahead of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) using low frequency signals and FWI. In a large EU subsidized project, we showed it is possible to produce a seismic image of the subsurface in front of a TBM within one…
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Full waveform inversion to Look Ahead of a Tunnel Boring Machine

The near surface geophysics (Vol. 15, Nr 3, June '17) published, Seismic Mechatronics' (with amongst others the TU Delft) paper about using a shear-wave source and full wave form inversion to look ahead of a tunnel boring machine. Abstract: The Earth’s properties, composition and structure ahead of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) should be mapped for…
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