Kick-off meeting Smart Exploration

From January 15h till January 17th, 2018 all partners of the Smart Exploration project came together in Uppsalla, Sweden for the kick-off meeting.

The project is initiated by Prof. Alireza Malehmir from Uppsalla University, Sweden and the partners involved are from 11 countries and 6 exploration sites within the EU.

As the primarily focus of the project is on developing cost-effective, environmentally-friendly tools and methods for geophysical exploration, the main targets will be highly challenging brownfield areas and testing innovative ideas for greenfield exploration. For more information read our former blog of December, 2017.

  • Smart Exploration - h2020 kick-off meeting poster
  • Smart Exploration - h2020- consortium  Seismic Mechatronics

During the kick-off meeting all participants elucidated their workpackages, milestones, deliverables and tasks.  Seismic Mechatronics, as one of the partners involved, presented their development on electric seismic sources. All input was highly appreciated and the outcome of the meeting was very fruitful.

Therefore, all participants look forward meeting again.  As there will be a NSG Conference in Porto, September 9-13th 2018, most likely the follow-up meeting will be planned close to that date. Further details  will follow asap.

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