Total Metis

Seismic Mechatronics developed mobile and portable electric seismic sources (e-vibs) that will be tested within the framework of the Total Metis project in Papua New Guinea. 


The Total Metis Project
Total Metis

The Total Metis project is focused on breakthrough technologies that improve the quality of subsurface imaging and enable geophysical imaging in inaccessible terrains. The Oil and Gas exploration  has always been challenged by hard-to-access areas since traditional seismic equipment doesn't allow safe, sustainable, high quality and low cost seismic data acquisition in these areas.

Seismic Mechatronics developed portable seismic sources that improve the seismic data acquisition in hard-to-access environments. Besides the portability of the seismic sources or E-vibs as we like to call the systems, a wide frequency range and low total harmonic distortion are made possible. Currently, these systems are being used in Papua New Guinea in areas of complex topography.

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