Einstein Telescope – Seismic Acquisition

February 22nd, 2018

Seismic Mechatronics and Nikhef are currently conducting a seismic survey in Limburg, the Netherlands, close to the Belgium/German border, for the development of the Einstein Telescope. The Ei...

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Kick-off meeting Smart Exploration

February 1st, 2018

From January 15h till January 17th, 2018 all partners of the Smart Exploration project came together in Uppsalla, Sweden for the kick-off meeting. The project is initiated by Prof. Alireza Malehmir fr...

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Electric seismic sources in China

January 30th, 2018

Seismic Mechatronics was invited to visit China and demonstrate our technology from January 23rd-26th, 2018. During our visit a conference was organized in which our technology was explained and where...

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Total Metis – Papua New Guinea

January 10th, 2018

Seismic Mechatronics developed mobile and portable electric seismic sources (e-vibs) that were tested within the framework of the Total Metis project in Papua New Guinea. The Total Metis project is fo...

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