Seismic Equipment

Seismic Mechatronics delivers seismic equipment for the seismic industry. We built next generation seismic sources for seismic data acquisition. Below you find our vibroseis systems in all force ranges: Lightning (small), Storm (medium) and Hurricane (large).

Our electric seismic systems or E-vibs have features that conventional hydraulic vibrators are unable to reach:

  • High quality broad bandwidth
  • Extremely low frequencies  
  • Ultra low THD
  • (non) linear and pseudo random signals
  • Easy transport and easy handling
  • Low transport costs, no permits or security clearances
  • Highly repeatable
  • Very low noise (dB)

Moreover, another interesting feature of our seismic equipment are the very low maintenance costs. Our seismic system does not use any hydraulics. So no fluid spills. The electric seismic source is build based on a friction less design, minimizing costs and maximizing value.

In addition, Seismic Mechatronics develops their own seismic source control software, called flexsweep. Besides controlling our seismic equipment with our own software, the seismic source is also compatible with Vib Pro.

Furthermore, Seismic Mechatronics has its own service department for example to help you set up your survey. We are always willing to help you with your problems. Please get in touch with us. Also for leasing or other project purposes.