Hurricane Seismic Source

  • Hurricane seismic source

In an extensive study for an IOC we showed the feasibility of a huge electric vibroseis system with full force (67.000 lbs) available from 2 Hz! This would be a mobile (truck mounted) device. Such a source would open up a whole range of new possibilities including the use of Full Waveform Inversion and better penetration depth among others but it would also increase productivity tremendously. Between 0.5-2 Hz it has a 6 times larger output compared to the biggest hydraulic vibrator currently available. Electric seismic sources systems need much lower maintenance and suffer from no oil spills and are therefore much better for the environment.

We are looking for partners to put the hurricane seismic source in the field and revolutionize the industry! For more information, please get in touch.

  • Ultra-low frequencies
    • Full drive frequency from 2Hz
    • Ultra-low THD 3%
  • Robust
    • Can endure temperatures of -20C - +60C
    • Ruggedized design to withstand the environment
  • Low maintenance cost
    • No friction due to electromechanical system

The Hurricane seismic source will be mounted in a truck to move the E-vib from shot point to shot point. Moreover, all our seismic equipment is capable of delivering the full force of the whole frequency range.

Hurricane Seismic Source
Peak Force 67443lbs (300kN)
Frequency Range 0.5 — 250Hz
Full Drive Frequency  Range 2.0 — 100Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
Power Generator 300kVA
Operational Temperatures -20C — +60C
Reaction Mass 10.000kg
Base Plate Weight 4500kg
Base Plate Area 3.0m2
Usable Stroke 250mm
Vibrator Control Software Flexsweep and compatible with Vibpro