Lightning Seismic Source

Lightning seismic source is a 1700N (400lbs) electric seismic system, which is capable of handling many engineering and monitoring jobs. This system is capable of generating both P-waves and S-waves. With its wide frequency range and low harmonic distortion this electric vibroseis system produces unseen resolution images. Unique in its kind, this vibrator is available in a 20 bar watertight option which makes it  suitable for transition zone seismic applications.

Seismic Mechatronics made the Lighting seismic source applicable for the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) to enable fast, frequent and effective look-ahead during boring. We are part of the NeTTUN consortium. The NeTTUN Consortium has been assembled to address a challenging set of research themes and objectives. Each beneficiary in the Consortium – Industrial, Research and Development and SME – has been invited to participate because of their unique scientific expertise and tunneling sector experience. Please find more info in the brochure tab.

  • High quality vertical resolution
  • Wide frequency range
  • Low THD
  • (non) linear and pseudo random signals
  • P-waves & S-Waves
  • Easy handling and easy transportation
  • Highly repeatable signals
  • Very low maintenance
  • Very low noise emmision
  • Watertight up till 20 bar
  • Flexsweep generator


Electromechanical Vib Lightning
Vibrator weight 90kg
Continuous Force S / P S: 1700N (400lbs) / P: 1200N (270lbs)
Frequency Range 1 — 1000Hz (start taper at 1 Hz)
Full Drive Frequency  Range 8 — 400Hz
Signal Depth       Approx. 300 m


Operational Temperatures -20°C — +50°C
Power supply 48VDC battery / 230VAC power
Sweep Length Unlimited
Output Pilot, Weighted Sum Ground Force
Trigger Send/receive 0-5V rising edge

  • Seismic Vibrator
  • Seismic Vibrator
  • S-Wave Seismic Vibrator
  • P-Wave Seismic Vibrator