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The Storm seismic source is a ultra-low frequency electric seismic system, capable of delivering its peak force of 5200 lbs from 2.5 Hz (full drive) onward. Therefore, the seismic system creates higher resolution images and shortens seismic processing with software techniques like Full Waveform Inversion. This increases the productivity level significantly compared to hydraulic vibroseis systems. Furthermore, The use of contact less electromagnetic actuators and friction-less guiding systems guarantees the lowest possible maintenance and the best repeat-ability in the industry. This makes the E-vib perfectly suitable for (4 D) monitoring applications. In addition, due to the low weight of the vibroseis system inaccessible terrains can be reached to replace the use of explosives in remote areas.

The Storm seismic source concept has one the best technology award 2015 granted by the SEG.

  • High quality of VSP surveys
    • Wide frequency range 0.5-400 Hz
    • Very low THD 3%
    • No friction so high repeat-ability
    • Good high frequency quality 3 MB ratio
  • Fantastic handling and processing
    • Light weight and maneuverable
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Low noise which makes production in urban areas possible
    • Applicable to transport with local vehicles
  • Robust
    • Can endure temperatures of -20 C - +60 C
    • Ruggedized design to withstand the environment
  • Low maintenance cost
    • No friction due to electromechanical system

We designed the Storm seismic source in a way that after transportation to the particular location, the Storm can be transported further by local vehicles, such as forklifts or tractors. This makes the application of any permit very easy and costs of transportation low.

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Storm Seismic Source
Peak Force 5200 lbs (23 kN)
Frequency Range 0.5 — 400 Hz
Full Drive Frequency  Range 2.5 — 150 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
Power Generator 30 kVA
Operational Temperatures -20 C — +60 C
Total weight 2400 kg
Base Plate Weight 590 kg
Base Plate Area 0.8m2
Usable Stroke 100 mm
Vibrator Control Software Flexsweep and compatible with Vibpro