Seismic Mechatronics 

We build rugged and reliable electric seismic sources with a minimal environmental footprint for seismic acquisition

Welcome  to Seismic Mechatronics


e design and build electromechanical seismic sources (E-vibes) for geophysical service providers. 

We offer various electric seismic sources and products in our portfolio. Please contact us!

Electric Seismic Sources

High Tech Sources made rugged and reliable


e are experts in electromechanical system design. Our expertise in Direct Drive Motor Technology and the Semiconductor Industry is used to build rugged and reliable electric seismic sources.

Full Force At Extreme Low Frequencies
Fully Electric Seismic Sources

Our Seismic Sources

The Lightning

Compact broadband electric P- and S-wave seismic source suitable for land and transition zone seismic applications.

The Storm 7

1700 lbs ultra-low frequency seismic source for monitoring, VSP, Infill or exploration seismic applications in inaccessible terrains.

The Storm 50

12.000 lbs full force at 4Hz with our Storm 50 P-wave shaker With its compact size it reduces the environmental footprint.

The Hurricane

67.000 lbs force 0.5-200Hz seismic source, called Hurricane, will open up a new range of seismic possibilities

Awarded Technology

In 2016 Seismic Mechatronics won the best paper award granted by the SEG for its paper “a seismic vertical vibrator driven by linear synchronous motors”, which describes the basic principles of our electric seismic source technology.