Synchro E-vib v2
Fully Electric Sources
Zero Co2 emission
Lightning E-vib on Toro v2
Remote Controlled Sources
Safe and Sustainable
Lightning E-vib in snow
Minimizing environmental impact
Reducing costs

Zero Carbon Seismic Acquisition


sing E-vibs for seismic acquisition to radically reduce environmental impact and costs.

Our Seismic Sources

Lightning E-vib

Lightning E-vib

A compact 1500N broadband electric P- and S-wave source for near-surface applications

Lightning Seismic Source - Toro 3 resize

Lightning Remote Control

Safe remote control unit. Silent, small footprint/ environmental and farmer friendly .

Synchro E-vib v4

The Synchro

A compact 100% electric 2500N broadband electric P-wave E-vib for near to mid surface applications

Electric Seismic Source - Storm 7kN

Storm 7

7.000N ultra-low frequency seismic source for monitoring, VSP for mid surface applications

Coming soon

Storm 10

10.000N ultra-low frequency seismic source for mid to deep seismic imaging

E-vib - Hurricane 50 v4

Hurricane 50

50.000N full force at 4Hz with our Hurricane 50 P-wave E-vib for deep imaging (under development)


Our Services

Sustainable Seismic acquisition

100% electric sources for zero carbon seismic acquisition and minimal environmental impact

Seismic Acquisition



Rental fleet of electric seismic sources available and operators at various locations. Please contact your nearest office for more information.

Project Management

Complete range of geophysical services for the petroleum, mining, geothermal and geotechnical industry to entirely manage your geophysical project.

Project management

High Tech Sources made rugged and reliable