Acquiring Geophysics Sustainably
using innovative methods and instruments
Explorers of the Earth
we put great effort and care into our company policies to ensure the safest, most efficient and sustainable service provided to our clients.
Unique Geophysical technologies
eVibe, Dronemag and Deep Ground Penetrating Radar for unprecedented geophysical data
Klik Hier
The Electric Seismic Source Company
Home of the eVibe
Klik Hier

Zero-carbon Seismic acquistion

Minizing environment impact by using the
eVibe and enabling a zero-emission service

Quality Workmanship

Highly skilled personell ready to take on any challenge.

Experienced Field Technicians

on-site servicing to guarantee a smooth and efficient operation.

Highest HSE/ESG standards

Our technologies allow us to work according the the highest HSE/ESG standards.

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Developer of the eVibe Technology

Seismic Mechatronics is the developer of the eVibes.  eVibes are fully electric and are therefore capable of offering a Zero-Emission acquistion service, while delivering unprecedented data quality cost effectively. 

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