Seismic Mechatronics designs and builds next generation electromechanical seismic vibrators. With little source related innovation in the industry over the last few decades we believe that it is time for something better. Electrical sources that have no hydraulics related issues: No fluid spills, very low maintenance.  Ultra-low frequencies and extremely low harmonic distortion are only a few of the advantages of going electric.

Seismic Mechatronics is a joint venture between MI-Partners and Magnetic Innovations. Both companies are working closely together since 2007. This collaboration has resulted in various successful projects and companies. In 2011 both companies decided to develop and build electromechanical seismic sources in close cooperation with the Technical University Delft.

In 2014 the companies decided to start Seismic Mechatronics after succesfully bringing the electric seismic sources to the market. 

Headquarters of Seismic Mechatronics in the Netherlands