E-vib Data Examples

Our electromagnetic sources allow for full force to be applied from a very low frequency, ie full force from time = 0.Low frequencies (0.5Hz) and full force being applied through the entire sweep enable us to collect excellent data through the entire depth range, starting from near surface.

Ultimately the 1.7kN system applies 1/100th of the force to a conventional Univib hydraulic system, but high efficiencies of this system mean better quality data to a similar depth.

A full range of sources available for various depths of penetration, 1.7kn (to 800m), 7kn (to 1.5km) and 50kn (to 3km or more) 

  • High resolution from near surface to depth
  • Affordable for junior and mid tier explorers
  • High resolution from near surface to depth
  • Safe remote control unit
  • Small acquisition teams of 5-12
  • Silent, small footprint/ environmental and farmer friendly (minimal or no clearing for lines needed)

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