Lithium Ion Battery

A customized battery pack has been designed for powering our Lightning electric seismic source

The lithium ion battery is a portable, lightweight, weatherproof and shock resistant battery pack suitable for seismic vibrator systems and other acquisition tools. The battery pack contains a custom lithium-ion battery made with high-quality Samsung cells. By using the high quality battery cells, it is possible to recharge the battery pack in less than three hours.

The battery pack also features an advanced state of charge indicator to accurately show the energy consumption and remaining energy (hours/V). 

Lithium Ion Battery

The battery pack is made of light-weight materials to keep it portable and manageable. The casing is made of an lightweight polypropylene resin. The battery is a light weight lithium-ion pack made of high capacity cells to minimize the quantity of cells needed. To make carrying easier, the center of gravity is straight under the handle.


Because the battery pack will mainly be used outdoors, the battery pack is made weatherproof. The casing features a gasketed, water and dust tight, submersible design that is resistant to corrosion. It is also possible to use the battery pack under different temperatures. The battery can withstand temperatures from -20°C to +55°.

Shock resisant

Because the system will often be used on rough terrain. The battery pack casing is made of an ultra high-strength polypropylene resin that is resistant to impact damage. The lithium-ion battery is suspended inside the casing by means of vibration dampers. As a result, the battery and other delicate parts are protected against shocks and bumps.

Technical specifications

Voltage maximum

54,6 [VDC]

Voltage nominal

48,0 [VDC]

Voltage minimum

39,0 [VDC]


45 [Ah]


2200 [Wh]

Max  continuous current

80 [A]

Max burst current

130 [A]

Recommend charge current

10 ~ 15 [A]

Max charge current

25 [A]

Discharge temperature range

– 20°C ~ +55°C

Charge temperature  range

0°C ~ +45°C

Battery efficiency

99 %

Cycle life

> 1000 (@ 70% DOD)

Total weight

18,5 [Kg]

Dimensions L x W x H

530 x 380 x 140 [mm]

Protection classification