Seismic Sources

Our  seismic sources or E-vibes are fully electric and have features that conventional hydraulic vibrators are unable to reach. This is because our seismic systems use electromagnetic linear motors instead of servo or hydraulic valves. This results in many advantages.

Low Source Maintenance

Using linear actuators results in a frictionless design and therefore reduces maintenance tremendously.

Low environmental Footprint

No fluids and high pressures. Fully electric seismic sources in a compact design, minimizing line clearing costs.

Extreme low frequencies

Full force at 2 Hz or 4 Hz and always a drive level of 100% with high controllability? That can easily be done with our E-vibes.

Electric Characteristics

The main parts of linear actuators are coils and permanent magnets. By putting a power source on the coils a magnetic field is generated that starts to interact with the magnetic field of the magnets. This results in a frictionless or floating system with low THD and minimized maintenance. 

Since no oils, greases or any fluids are used electric seismic sources are not temperature dependent. The exactly the same signal or sweep is generated over and over again, resulting in a high repeatability. 

Linear actuators have a high controllability. In principle, any type of sweep can be generated, even pseudoradom signals. 

Hydraulic characteristics

Hydraulics basically pump oil from one chamber to the other to generate signals. This results in a lot of friction. As a consequence, a lot of maintenance is necessary and a lot of signal distortion is created. 

Oil is very viscous, which results in a fluid Resistance to flow. Therefore, fluid friction losses are created. This limits the signal generation possibilities over a wide frequency bandwidth. 

The repeatability of hydraulics is very low. This is a consequence of the oil used, which is very temperature dependent. 

Our Seismic sources


Compact broadband electric P- and S-wave seismic source suitable for land and transition zone seismic applications.​

Storm 7

2.000 lbs full force 2.0Hz frequency seismic source for monitoring, VSP, Infill or exploration seismic applications in inaccessible terrains.​

Storm 50

12000 lbs full force at 4.0Hz frequency seismic source currently developed and available from Q4 2019. ​
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