Hurricane 50

The Hurricane 50 is a 12.000 lbs electric seismic source currently under development. Full force (12.000 lbs) will be available from 4 Hz, twice the force of its hydraulic competitors at 4 Hz. Thereafter, the system will be integrated in a carrier and it can also be attached to local vehicles, such as telehandlers. Moreover, with its narrow width and extremely low noise (dB) it reduces the environmental footprint tremendously. The system will be ready in Q4 2019 and pre-orders can be made. Please contact us for more information. 

Small environmental footprint

The Storm 50 is designed to minimize size while enabling high force at low frequencies. This results in a narrow system reducing line and timber clearing.

Advantages of being electric

Due to its electromechanical design a frictionless system is created ehancing signal quality and reducing maintenance. Moreover, E-vibes are very silent (dB).


Multiple Storm 50's can be synchronized very accurately to create an array of sources to increase force.

Technical specifications

Electric vibe

Storm 50

Vibe Weight

3500 Kg

Cont. force s-wave


Cont. force p-wave

50.000N (12.000lbs)

Frequency range

1-240 Hz (start taper at 1 Hz

Full drive frequency range

4-240 Hz

Signal depth

>3.5 km

Operational temperatures

-30°C — +50°C

Power supply

30-40 kW generator

Sweep length



Pilot, weighted sum ground force


send/receive 0-5V rising edge

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