Storm 10

The Storm 10 is a p-waves and s-waves 10.000N electric seismic source with high repeatabilty. Its compact size of 800x800x400 mm result in a low foot print. Moreover, the seismic source, like other e-vibs, has a high controlability, low THD and a broad bandwidth. 

Low footprint

Although the system produces 10.000N, the size is very compact, 800x800x400mm. As a result, the Storm 10 can be mounted on small carriers with a max. width of 1.5 meters. This reduces line and timber clearing tremendously.

High productivity shooting

The Storm 10 can easily be mounted on locally available carriers, while maintaining high productivity standards.

User friendly

The integrated E-vib controller combined with the E-vib software ensure a simple and user friendly vib operation. Vib QC can easily be monitored and adjustable log files can be created. Moreover, GPS timing recordings are standardized.

Electric vibe
Vibe Weight
Continuous force s-wave
Continious force P-wave
Frequency range
Full drive Frequency range
Storm 10
1000 Kg
S: 10.000 N
P: 10.000 N
1 – 100Hz (Start taper at 1 Hz)
Signal depth
Operational temperatures
Power supply
Sweep length
2500 mtrs
-30°C — +50°C
15kW / 230 VAC power
(Battery optional)
Pilot, weighted sum ground force
send/receive 0-5V rising edge
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