Storm 7

The Storm 7 seismic source is a ultra-low frequency electric seismic system, capable of delivering its peak force of 7kN / 1600 lbs from 2.0 Hz (full drive) onward. Therefore, the seismic system creates higher resolution images and shortens seismic processing with software techniques like Full Waveform Inversion. This increases the productivity level significantly compared to hydraulic vibroseis systems. Furthermore, The use of contact less electromagnetic actuators and friction-less guiding systems guarantees the lowest possible maintenance and the best repeatability in the industry. 

The Storm 7 technology has won the best technology award 2016 granted by the SEG.

Very low frequencies

The Storm 7 seismic source is capable of generating 2.0 Hz signals at full force, which allows for a step change in seismic acquisition and processing.

Low Maintenance

Multiple linear synchronous motors are used in the Storm 7 to produce acoustic signals with a broad bandwidth. This results in very low maintenance.

Local Vehicles

The Storm 7 can easily be mounted on many local vehicles to transport the system productively and to at hold down mass.

Technical specifications

Electric vibe

Storm 7

Vibe Weight

1650 kg

Cont. force s-wave


Cont. force p-wave

7000N (1600lbs)

Frequency range

1- 300 Hz (start taper at 1 Hz

Full drive frequency range

2-240 Hz

Signal depth

~2 km

Operational temperatures

-20°C — +50°C

Power supply

14 kW generator

Sweep length



Pilot, weighted sum ground force


send/receive 0-5 V rising edge

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