Geophysical services

Seismic Mechatronics offers a complete range of geophysical services for the petroleum, mining and geotechnical industry to entirely manage your geophysical project. We offer premier quality digital mapping products, optimize 3D design models, obtain regulatory approvals, ensure ongoing regulatory compliance, project management and secure preferred contractors. 

3D Design using Omni Version 2017

Pre-Plot Design Analysis

Real-Time Post-Plot Positioning and Fold Analysis

Project Opportunity and Threat Assessment

Project Scouting and HSE Risk Assessment

Project Design and Optimization

Project Budgeting and Cost Control

Project Risk Management

Project Scheduling

Tender Management and Contract Negotiation

Health and Safety Auditing and Controls

HSE Management Systems

Project Management Systems

Cadastral and Property


Satellite Imagery and Orthoimagery

Topographic Features

Digital Elevation Models

Large Format Mapping/Scanning

Map Ortho-Rectifications

2D and 3D Survey Audits

Regulatory Government Approvals

First Nation Consultation

Environmental Compliance, Monitoring and Auditing

Project Scouting

Pipeline/Trapper/Road Use Agreements

Caribou Protection Plans

Timber Damage Assessments

Final Plans

Reclamation and Letters of Clearance

Landowner Permits

Landowner Releasing

Reclamation and Cleanup

Water Well Testing

Flowing Hole Remediation

Seismic Data Acquisition QA/QC

Field Project Managers, Drill Pushes, Field Administrators

Field Paramedic and HSE Supervision Services

Exploratory/development program design consultation

Processing raw data for maximum resolution and optimal signal to noise

Interpretive and reservoir characterization analysis including joint/simultaneous PP/PS inversion, MAT, VVAZ, AVAZ and time lapse