The Lightning eVibe

Zero-carbon Seismic acquistion

Minizing environment impact by using the
eVibe and enabling a zero-emission service

Battery powered

Highly skilled personell ready to take on any challenge.

Safe and Robust

Our technologies allow us to work according the the highest HSE/ESG standards.

High Quality Signals

Ultra Low THD <5% and
high repeatability


The Lightning eVibe is a 1700N (400lbs) electric seismic system for seismic acquisition. This seismic source is capable of generating both P-waves and S-waves. Thereafter, with its wide frequency range and low harmonic distortion this electric vibroseis system produces unseen resolution images. Unique in its kind, this vibrator is available in a 20 bar watertight option which makes it  suitable for transition zone seismic applications.

Technical specifications

Electric vibe

Lightning seismic source

Vibe Weight

90 Kg

Cont. force s-wave

1700N (400lbs)

Cont. force p-wave

1200N (270lbs)

Frequency range

1-1000 Hz (start taper at 1 Hz

Full drive frequency range

8-400 Hz

Signal depth

1000 mtrs

Operational temperatures

-30°C — +50°C

Power supply

48VDC battery / 230 VAC power

Sweep length



Pilot, weighted sum ground force


send/receive 0-5 V rising edge

Other Evibes

FAQ about the eVibe

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, all our sources are battery powered. Still, all sources can be powered by generator or grid power.

The eVibes use direct drive motors. Therefore, a “frictionless” movement is created to generate acoustic signals. In other words, no energy is lost when creating the acoustic signals. 

A hydraulic valve/piston is designed around friction since its pumping oil from one chamber of the piston to the other under high pressures. This created viscous losses, wear and tear and is temperature dependent. Therefore, a lot of energy is wasted and high levels of harmonic distorion are created. This needs to be compensated with a lot of force. 

The eVibes use direct drive motors. Therefore, a “frictionless” movement is created to generate acoustic signals. As a result, the internal harmonic distortion is very low ca. 3%.

We can use locally available carriers. Generally, we use (electric) ATV’s/mules for the Ligthning eVibe. And small (electric) telehandlers/zoomboom for the Synchro and Storm eVibe

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